Training Hard

I’ve been really training hard.  I’m looking to return to action around March.  My gym, X3 Sports, is managing me, so I don’t have to go through the headache of talking with the promoters myself to get fights.  I just want to worry about training and fighting. I’ve been working on a lot on every aspect of my game, and I look forward to a victorious return.

I started wearing a gi again after almost nine years.  I’m looking to get my purple belt soon.  I’ve got some really good teammates and training partners at X3 Sports (Marius Cujba, Clint Hester, Steele McCall, Patrick Mandio, etc.) who really push me and then some.  I’m still have time to teach one private lesson a day and a couple on Saturday.  I’ve had to take Sundays off because I’ve been so exhausted.

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